The Bill of Rights

On December 15th, 1791, the Bill of Rights was ratified with three-fourths of the states’ votes. The only way the Federalists could get the Federal Constitution passed amongst the several states, was to include amendments protecting individual Liberty. Because of this, the Anti-Federalists were on board, endorsing the proposed constitution, and our Constitution was adopted. After a few years, the Bill of Rights was ratified as the legislatures in the several states recognized the importance of enshrining individual liberties in our Constitution.

To commemorate the year that our Bill of Rights was ratified, to celebrate the 2nd Amendment and the enshrinement of civil liberties, we’ve set the admission price at $17.91. The sponsoring local GOP party units that are organizing this event and all of the features of the event are raising funds only on this admission price. We will be using the funds to recruit, train, and fund pro-2nd Amendment candidates for office that are, and will be, committed to fighting for your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

For more in-depth reading of the adoption of the Bill of Rights, reference:

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Annual Celebration of the Second Amendment

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